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I help busy burned out mums, who never prioritise themselves, to ditch the mum guilt, and create a happy, healthy and calm life.

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Hey, I’m Wendy, and I help busy burned-out mums who are juggling ALL the things and prioritising their family’s needs whilst never finding the time for themselves or being able to ditch the mum guilt…but when they do they can create a healthy, happy, and calm life for themselves and their loved ones.

Passionate about supporting mums like you

I’m SO passionate about supporting mums who feel like this, because I’ve been there too and hit rock bottom, and I needed support to create my own toolbox to rediscover me.

It’s become my mission to improve myself, find time in the crazy busy-ness of motherhood and bring along as many burned-out mums with me as I can.

This wellbeing journey has enabled me to travel, meet new friends, repair, and heal my relationship with my children, my family…and myself. And now it is your turn!

I reached out to Wendy, and it was the best thing I ever did. She helped me to take small steps to completely change mine and my children’s lives. I’ve learned so many tools and techniques that my anxiety doesn’t prevent me from living the life I want. I feel in control, empowered and of course grateful.

NINA S – Mum of 2

Reclaiming You!

Exhausted to Empowered

Discover how to go from Exhausted to Empowered as a busy mum.

This can’t be IT, right? You’ve discovered a new level of exhaustion.  The physical and mental burnout is in full force, and you are literally just surviving.  Keeping your head just above water as they say.

You feel overwhelmed by the never-ending list of things to do and feel unappreciated.

You then feel even worse for feeling resentful.  Depression, anxiety, out of shape, out of love with yourself, who even are you anymore?

Rediscover you...reclaim you

Reclaiming You is designed for Mums who would die for their children, who would fearlessly fight a tiger to save their families and who would do ANYTHING in their power to leave a legacy their children are proud of.

If you are ready and committed to embarking on this lifelong transforming journey of self-discovery in motherhood and beyond you’ve come to the right place

Reclaiming You
Group programme

The 12-week group programme to help you Rediscover You. For a calmer life, less stress and more joy in your life.

Reclaiming You

The 12-week group programme to help you Rediscover You. Develop a more comprehensive selfcare plan to tackle the 3 main areas of life.

Check out my free resources to help you prioritise our own joy, and take the first step to take control of your life.

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