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Get Healthy Today, Not Angry!

Do you get angry when somebody tells you that you can’t eat something you love or that you have to give up your favorite food to live healthy? Or like me, it makes you crave it like 100% more? Living healthy is so much more fun than living angry!

If you’re lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive, or diabetic, there are foods you just can’t eat.

But if you want to drop some pounds or just eat healthier then you’re probably telling yourself that you can’t have your favourite unhealthy food whether it be a chips, chocolate chip cookies or extra cream on that Latte. 

The word “can’t” sends shivers up most people’s spines because it makes us feel like we are losing control. But with a few mindset shifts, you can take back control, and feel like a rock star.

Here are three tips to feel good about giving up those not-so-healthy foods:

1. It's Only Temporary

Moderation rocks and I’m generally not a fan of forbidden foods.

It’s much easier to give something up when you know it’s not a life sentence. And in the meantime, you’ll be able to satisfy yourself with other options like the Berry Banana Smoothie I served instead of ice cream.

As time goes by, you may realise that you don’t miss those foods. Come to think about it, I can’t remember the last time I ate m&ms or had a diet coke. It’s been years and I don’t miss them at all! And in the coming months, I’ll be able to say I can’t remember the last time I had a chocolate when you nourish your body with great nutritious food it doesn’t crave the sugar anymore.

2. Be the Healthy Warrior, Not the Unhealthy Victim

If you’re lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive or diabetic you may feel like a victim with a life sentence. We talked about this during one of my recent webinars. A participant said she gets really angry when she goes to restaurants that don’t cater to her Coeliac’s disease. It’s so easy to feel like it’s not fair or that you’re missing out if all you focus on is the can’t.

Life isn’t fair, so stop the pity party and act like a warrior instead of a victim.

When we choose to be a victim, we give all our power away. You aren’t powerless. You are in control of every food decision you make! If your body is telling you that certain foods are not agreeing with it, then listen and learn.

Be a warrior. Turn off the Real Housewives of New Jersey and start researching alternatives to dairy, gluten and/or sugar. Subscribe to magazines that specifically cater to your condition. Make it fun. Get joy in discovering new healthy alternatives to the prohibited foods.

3. Focus on What You Want More

Warning: tough love coming your way. If you’re sensitive, don’t read this tip!

Stop being such an instant gratification crybaby. I know it’s hard. Hello, I used to be powered by coffee and chocolate daily.

Ask yourself, do you like __________ more than you like fitting into your jeans, having boundless energy, feeling confident, and being proud of your choices? If you do, then eat it and don’t worry about living healthier and happier.

So get over it. You can give up sugar. You can give up wheat. You can give up dairy.

There’s nothing better than feeling empowered to take control of your life and 100% ownership of your health. Take control of your decisions and relish in the pride you feel when you make healthier choices.

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