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Taking the Easy Way Out Will Keep You Stuck

One of the hardest things about overcoming mental ill health is that taking the easy way out may be an ingrained habit.

As I continue in my work as a health coach, I see more and more women who are comfortable taking the easy way out.

But the easy way out is rarely the winning route, and most of the time, it’s not something to be proud of.

While it feels good initially, it is actually the ultimate act of self-betrayal and sabotage.

This act leaves you feeling disappointed in yourself, dishonest, and cowardly.

One of the hardest things about overcoming mental ill health is that taking the easy way out may be an ingrained habit.

This shows up in obvious ways:

Watching tv instead of going for  a walk.

Eating pizza instead of cooking a healthy meal.

Lying to yourself about how happy you are.

Blaming others for your choices while failing to take 100% responsibility for your actions.

But those instances aren’t the worst ways taking the easy way out invades your health and happiness. These are:

Hiding, not taking risks, not exploring opportunities to make your life one worth living

Passively saying no by inactivity rather than standing up for yourself and saying the most powerful word in the English language: no.

Robbing yourself of integrity by not confirming or showing up for scheduled appointments, calls, or meetings and/or lying about why you won’t honor your commitment.

Procrastinating on taking even the smallest step toward a goal or dream because you don’t think you matter.

Skipping social engagements because you don’t want people to get to know the real you for fear of not being good enough or worthy of their friendships.

Playing small because you’re scared to fail.

Taking the easy way out creates a belief in yourself that you cannot win

It leaves you with a deep feeling of emptiness. A feeling like you’re just going through the motions and not living your life’s purpose.

Depressing, I know!

But I have good news … you can change. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen with one big leap.

It comes from taking baby steps. And when I say baby steps, I mean itty-bitty-teeny-tiny baby steps.

Winning starts with believing you are worthy!

It’s time to stop believing the voices in your head, your Inner Critic that say you can’t invest in your health and happiness because…

You’re not worth it. There are much more important things to spend your money on than you.

You don’t trust yourself. You’ve said you wanted to lose weight for years but haven’t taken consistent action.

You’re just going to fail again. There’s no reason to think this time is any different.

You’re too busy. You use busy-ness as an excuse to continue to destroy your most precious and irreplaceable asset: YOU

You’re scared to show up and be accountable. You know somebody will push you to take action and deep down you don’t want to give up all the benefits of being stuck

You’re scared to succeed.

None of that is true! You are enough. You are worth it. And you deserve to live a healthier and happier life.

You can live your life like a winner, but it only happens when you stop taking the easy way out!

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