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Reclaiming You is designed for Mums who would die for their children, who would fearlessly fight a tiger to save their families and who would do ANYTHING in their power to leave a legacy their children are proud of.

This can’t be it, right?

You’ve discovered a new level of exhaustion.  The physical and mental burnout is in full force, and you are literally just surviving.  Keeping your head just above water as they say.

You feel overwhelmed by the never-ending list of things to do and feel unappreciated.

You then feel even worse for feeling resentful.  Depression, anxiety, out of shape, out of love with yourself, who even are you anymore?

Imagine ...


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Join Lost in Motherhood - Mums Mental Health Hub, a supportive community of amazing mothers, holding hands through this journey of self-discovery.

Reclaiming You!

Exhausted to Empowered

Discover how to go from Exhausted to Empowered as a busy mum

Reclaiming You! is more than just a weekly chat or moan over a coffee.  Reclaiming You is designed for Mums who would die for their children, who would fearlessly fight a tiger to save their families and who would do ANYTHING in their power to leave a legacy their children are proud of.

Reclaiming You! Is a comprehensive, easy to follow programme that will help you to:

Are you...

Ready and committed to kick start this lifelong transforming journey of self-discovery in motherhood and beyond

Determined that your children do not deserve to be at the end of your frustration or outbursts and you’d like to find a better, more loving and effective way to be.

Feeling unfulfilled by your role as a mother and you find yourself detached and disconnected and you’re just going through the motions daily.

Ready to embrace a calmer life, less stress and more joy in your life feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know where to start…'re in the right place

Reclaiming You! Is a step-by-step group programme designed to guide you and support you through your self-discovery journey.

Motherhood is hard and juggling all the load is exhausting. Often, we find ourselves lost and burn out simply because we never prioritise our own joy. Always prioritising everyone else’s needs and never quite getting to the top of the list ourselves.

Take the first step

Take the first step

I know how hard it is to take the first step to take control of your life.  Desire isn’t always enough and if like me you have tried and failed before it can feel like an impossible challenge. 

But here’s the thing this time you have a team behind you! Not only do have me cheerleading you on but you’ll also have a community of amazing women who will be pushing and cheering for you ALL THE WAY.

Reclaiming You! Is a 12 week experience to help you:

What are you waiting for?

You would DIE for your kids; let me show you how to LIVE for them.

Your family needs you! Let’s be honest you are the glue holding it all together.  No-one can do that other than you, remember that!

So when a Mother is standing strong, they are better able to hold the family tighter!  One thing I have discovered in my own self-discovery journey and mental and physical burnout recovery is that if I am feeling strong, happy, healthy and clear headed….the joy and presence, better communication and relationships, new connections, experiences just come flooding into my life.

Surely you’re not going to let another year slip away living a life of IS THIS IT? Would you rather live a life of ease and feel great?

Kind words

So What’s it all about?

This effective programme focuses on the journey of self-discovery in amongst the demands of motherhood with focus on Self-care, mindset and emotional wellbeing.

This programme will guide you step-by-step through all the things you need to know so you can feel empowered to continue to take control and create a life you want to live for:

Document your journey through the practice of journalling. You will receive 365 journal prompts that will help you to really dig deep into past traumas or blocks and reprogramme and process through your thoughts.

Pin your starting point! – How on earth will you know when you’ve reached your destination if you don’t even know where you’re going?  And once you know where you’re going, who’s got the directions?

Surrender and trust the process two things I reckon mums find impossible to do! No way, I’m not that crazy, if there’s something I’ve learned that when it comes to kids, YOU NEED A PLAN and winging it is not a plan.

Don’t worry you’re in luck! I have been there, and I’ve done all the dirty work, trial and fails so you don’t have to!  By the end of the programme, you will have the confidence to declare, plan and execute your personalised action plan to creating the life you so desire. 

Sometimes the only way is to believe its possible for you.

Have you ever hit rock bottom?  So, you’ll get it when I tell you that in my experience the one decision that I made, that I truly believe saved my life, my marriage, my relationship with my children and my life purpose was saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Clearly what I was doing wasn’t fulfilling me and for the most part my existence was on autopilot with minimal connection. Waking up tired, already counting down the seconds until bed time again.

And it was there in the hospital bed I decided that I WAS TAKING BACK CONTROL.  For far too long I had put my desires, hope, dreams to the back of the queue. 

This programme is the exact process I took to get me to where I am today.  I’m by no means perfect, but heck anything is better than sitting in that hospital bed. 

In my journey I’ve discovered my life purpose and I am so grateful and proud of the lives transformed on this programme

How does the programme work?

How does the programme work?

  • 12 week group programme
  • Weekly Live Workshop Setting Weekly Tasks
  • Reclaiming You! Workbook
  • 365 Self-Awareness and Discovery Journaling Prompts
  • Weekly Q&A opportunity
  • 4 Live guest workshops/speakers
  • Resources
  • Supportive community

Reclaiming You Group

The 12-week group programme to rediscover a calmer you, with less stress and more joy in your life.
£ 997 or 3 monthly payments of £350
  • Weekly live masterclass
  • Weekly Q&A and check-in
  • Live Expert Guests
  • Workbook and resources to support your growth and personal development
  • Access to support community

Reclaiming You VIP

Go deeper to rediscover and develop a more comprehensive selfcare plan to tackle the 3 main areas of life.
£ 1,495 or 3 monthly payments of £500
  • Monthly 121 strategy and update call
  • Weekly live masterclass
  • Weekly Q&A
  • Live Expert Guests
  • Workbook and resources to support your growth and personal development
  • Bonus Time Management Workbook and Diary
  • Comprehensive self-care plan to tackle the 3 main areas of life

Self guided

Self-guided programme to help you Rediscover You. For a calmer life, less stress and more joy in your life.
£ 250
  • Instant access to 12 guides
  • Expert Guests and resources
  • Resources to support your growth
Self Care with Wendy logo

Hey, I’m Wendy, and I help busy burned-out mums who are juggling ALL the things and prioritising their family’s needs whilst never finding the time for themselves or being able to ditch the mum guilt…but when they do they can create a healthy, happy, and calm life for the EVERYONE.

Passionate about supporting mums like you

I’m SO passionate about supporting mums who feel like this, because I’ve been there too and hit rock bottom, and I needed support to create my own toolbox to rediscover me.

It became my mission to improve myself, find time in the crazy busy-ness of motherhood and bring along as many burned-out mums with me as I could.

This wellbeing journey has enabled me to travel, meet friends, repair, and heal the relationship with my children, my family…and myself. And now it is your turn!

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